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X-Ray Diffraction

Each crystalline phase has a unique powder diffraction pattern. Therefore it is possible to distinguish between compounds as the diffraction method is sensitive to structure and not just composition. The powder diffraction pattern for the spinel MgAl2O4 looks different from the powder pattern of a MgO and Al2O3 mixture. It is possible to distinguish between different polymorphic forms of the same compound

  • X-ray diffraction is an essential tool for the rapid identification and quantification of minerals,compounds and other crystalline phases.
  • XRD is the primary tool for identifying and quantifying the minerals and phases composing rocks, soils, particulates, cements, industrial products and processes.
  • Modern computer-controlled diffraction systems can interpret the diffraction traces produced by individual constituents and highly complex mixtures.


  • XRD is an essential technique for identifying and characterizing clay minerals, providing information which cannot be determined by any other.
  • By addition of a standard the amount of non-crystalline (amorphous) phases can be quantified.

We perform X-powder diffraction analysis including data interpretation as well as consulting services to Industry, Individuals and tertiary education institutions

Training Courses

Training courses are offered regularly (also on site if needed).


Phase identification and quantification of crystalline materials by X-ray powder diffraction and much more